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We are a local roofing company based in Omaha, Nebraska specializing in residential and commercial roofing construction. We have been providing Omaha with safe and professional roofing for over 20 years.

Insurance Claims

We can take care of your insurance claim from start to finish and have your new roof in place quickly, safely, and professionally.

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Hail Damage

Hail damage is something we deal with every year, and we are very good at it. We can fix small damages or do a complete roof replacement. We will also check to see if the sheathing underneath your roofing material needs replaced, or is still in good condition.

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Solar Panels and Skylights

The last thing you want to do when adding a new solar panel or skylight is to have a leak in your roof. We have been installing skylights, windows, and solar panels in roofs for many years, and we always do it right. If we replace, repair, or add anything to your roof, it will be installed correctly, and your roof will NOT leak.

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Pre-Winter Inspections

Nebraska winter ice and snow can be brutal on a roof, followed by the winds of spring. We can inspect your roof to make sure that it is ready to face the winter cold and spring winds and rain. Don't wait until small problems become an emergency.

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